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SSTG Safety Products

SCTG Fire Safety Products Trading and Refilling


SSTG Safety Products started to operate in the beginning of 2012 along A. Arnaiz Avenue in Pasay city and where the office is currently situated. Our business is known in the distribution and refill of different kinds of fire extinguishers such as dry chemical, carbon dioxide and all other types of fire protection products.

Aside from fire protection products, we are also involved in the field of fire detection alarm system and fire prevention business. We cater a wide selection and packages of products and services starting from design, installation and preventive maintenance of fire detection alarm system, firefighting equipment and accessories. With our growing number of clients, we expanded our line of business in the second quarter of 2013 under the name of SCTG Fire Safety Products Trading and

Refilling being a proud member and license holder of the following:

 Bureau of Product Standards under the Department of Trade and Industry

 International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008)

SCTG now a manufacturer of 2A 2BC rating by the Bureau of Product Standards to handle the manufacturing and refilling of our fire extinguishers such as HCFC 123, HFC 236, dry chemical and all other types of fire protection products.

We as a developing company strives to continuously deliver products and services that meet the quality, performance and price aspirations of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, honesty, trust and cooperation in business.